Rain and My Soul are two songs Yuri wrote and performed prior to his 2002 arrest. Links to the actual music are below. Yuri is interested in continuing with his music and is, therefore, seeking collaboration and representation. He is also looking for lyrics, vocal points and soul.

English Lyrics

My Soul

One day I will tell my soul

To go deep into hiding

I will never let anyone pry into it

And no one will harm it again

It will never again know anguish

It will never suffer again

No one will ever torment it

May be it’s time for my soul to be free.

I wish I could buy a new one

But there aren’t any for sale

I tried to sell it to Devil

But he wanted it almost for free.

Will my soul endure lonely

All the pain, sorrow and agony

I wish I could give it a new life

But I don’t have one for myself.

One day I will go out

Into the glamour of a beautiful morning

I will remove all the ties from my soul

And let it fly free with the wind.

If my soul never comes back to me

That will mean it enjoys its freedom

It will mean that it is much happier

In its new life without me.


This rain will be quiet and gentle

Don’t be afraid, it won’t harm you at all

It will carry away

All the vain and useless dreams

They say never give up your hope

I won’t

Without a hope I will die

Right away.

This gentle rain will wash off my tears

I feel like crying

But now I should be strong

As never before.

This rain will take away

All my sorrows.

And we’ll cherish the years

That will make us old.

I will make one bouquet

From my hopes and wishes

I will give it to friends

As a gift for good luck

We are so young at the age of 30

Let the good luck serve us a little bit more

We will pay it so generously for that

We will pay with the years of our lives.