Art Against Death


Please grant me ten minutes of your time to read about an idea I have for a mega project. I’m not looking for monetary funding; rather, I’m interested in your non-monetary services, advice, support, and the tools and strategies you can provide to invoke societal changes on an international level. The project that I propose requires the involvement of professionals such as yourself who can make it a reality. So, I would like to introduce you to this project: “Art Against Death.”

“Art Against Death” would be, I believe, the biggest art collaboration of people who really care about life. With your help, this project can be one of the greatest unifying efforts ever made in standing up for the right to live.

“Art Against Death” is a collaboration of artists and non-artists from various international communities who unite to stand against murder for any reason, whether it’s committed in the name of politics or revenge or religion. Death is devastating to all affected by it, and it negatively affects someone in all parts of the world. The idea for “Art Against Death” was conceived from my seeing the increasing media reports of murder being committed for said reasons in 2010-2011 and now!

I, Jurijus Kadamovas, a Lithuanian citizen, started this project with Rejon Taylor and other fellow prisoners to show that people with different races, ethnicities, religious beliefs, and cultures can come together for positive action.

Here are a few concepts for “Art Against Death.” Artworks, both individual and collaborative, should be on a canvas no bigger than 48” in height, to support the mission of abolishing murder for any reason. Once the art is completed, it can be sent to one designated place where it can be sewn together to make possibly the world’s biggest artwork.

Organizers can designate locations in various cities around the world where artists and the public come together, possibly on the same day, to collaborate and submit their artworks. Such places can be schools, campuses at colleges and universities, mosques, churches, synagogues, etc. Organizations can also use internet video conferences to connect artists from different cities around the world.

The media can be used to generate publicity. Organizers can invite community leaders, religious leaders (such as Cardinal Timothy Dolan), and even celebrities to designated “Art Against Death” locations to not only be a part of the project, but also to help spread the word via the media about the mission of “Art Against Death,” which is to unify people with different cultures, races, ethnicities, religious beliefs, etc.

Once all the individual and collaborative artworks are sent to a designated location and sewn together, the artwork can be displayed in the United Nations Assembly in New York City.

I asked Pope Benedict for his blessing on this project in 2012; he granted his blessing by letter and a signed photograph. The European Union and other world leaders are also supportive of this project. (I have enclosed some letters of encouragement.)

As you may see, “Art Against Death” has the potential to have a positive impact on society. I have more ideas for this project, but because my resources are very limited, it’s impossible for me to implement this mega project. I hope that you will accept this project and organize the people who can implement it. I would like to hear your thoughts on this and whether or not you are willing to take this project on as your own.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to your response.


Yuri Kadamov