Grand Theatre

Frankfort, Kentucky

The Grand Theater Gallery presents Grounded, an exhibition of work by Lithuanian born artist Yuri Kadamov, November 6, 2013 – January 30, 2014. Formerly a musician, Mr. Kadamov moved to Los Angeles in 1998 where he continued his musical pursuits and then turned to painting in 2008. The work on exhibit, curated by Reba Rye, Associate Professor of Art at Kentucky State University, reflects his musical background by nature of the visual rhythm that runs throughout the various styles that he employs as well as iconographic references to music. His personal style incorporates elements of several historical artistic genres that include Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism and strong references to Russian Constructivism. Fear Legacy, acrylic on paper from 2008, represents work that is anchored in Abstract Expressionism, while another body of work on display represents his skill with graphite and colored pencils in more representational iconography, anchored in Surrealism.

Mr. Kadamov states in his Artist Statement for this exhibition, “I utilize both the positive and negative elements of my being, from my hopes and dreams to my pain and uncertainty” and “It is my art that keeps me grounded and sane…”. While many artists could say the same, Mr. Kadamov’s experience is unique and his personal living situation has driven his work in many ways. Incarcerated since 2002 he sees his work as a direct dialogue with the culture from which he is physically removed and he has reached out to other artists with whom he does collaborative projects.

The Grand Theatre Gallery will be open for the Downtown Frankfort Art Walk, November 16 from 11:00-3:00. The exhibition can be viewed on the occasions of events at the Grand Theatre and weekly from 11:00-2:00 on Thursdays.